Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What he's been up to

Bug is a big Red Sox fan.
He was there cheering hard till the last out on the night of the Red Sox last win of the 2011 season. The following night they lost (and he had begged to go to the game)
Mom: You'll just have to practice your cheering this winter
Bug Says: My cheering is good, it's the Red Sox who need to practice

Bug eating one kernel of corn at a time
Mom: (big sigh) Child....
Bug Says: Sweet Child of Miiiiiiine

Mom takes Bug to go to the bathroom in a very stinky, dirty restaurant bathroom, but Mom does not need to go. However in a very loud voice, repeatedly announcing to the restaurant....
Bug Says: Wow! My mom just made one stinky poop!

Not wanting to eat his salad
Bug Says: Mom, I don't want to eat these leaves! I'm not a catepillar.

Mom: You can't always get what you want (very flat, serious tone)
Bug Says: Mom, I don't want to sing right now. Just give me ice cream

There were 2 marines in uniform behind us in line. 
Bug says: Wow! You are real superheroes. I want to be a superhero when I grow up too. Thank you!Then shook their hands.

Bug says: I am not evil. I am fun!

Bug Says: Mom, can I have your debit card
Mom: For what

Bug Says: So when daddy doesn't give me green monies I can still buy things

Bug Says: But Mooooommmmm, I want to wear my winter clothes. They're so cool
No, no honey in fact they are not cool