Monday, May 16, 2011

A Few Lines to Catch You Up....

In reference to the Red Sox beating the Yankees:
Bug says "RedSox swept the yankees!?! Maybe next time we just vacuum them it's faster"

Putting fresh underwear on after bath mom hands him some "good guy" transformer underwear:
Bug says "No , I want a bad guy"
Mom replied "I thought you were going to be a good superhero when you grow up"
Bug says "But I like to wear the bad guys on my butt"

Prepping for camping
Mom says "We're going to go to the store for some stuff we need to go camping"
Bug says "like marshmallows on sticks? And fire. We need fire"

He picked his nose, wiped it on his lips (unknown to mom) then came to mom and asked for a kiss. Mom gives him a kiss. Bug says "what does it taste like?"

Told to pick up his toys faster Bug says "I have really stinky toots that are slowing me down"

Mom says "We're having a cold spell"
Bug says "Can you do a summer spell?"

During a tornado warning:
Bug says "It's a tormato!"
Mom says "Nay, nay, tor-nay-do"
Bug says "Oh, nay, nay, tormato"
Now he always calls it a "nay, tormato"

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