Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts on Road Kill and Holiday cheer

Life according to Bug, after seeing a dead deer on the side of the road
Bug said: People shouldn't kill animals unless they are going to eat them. They should say thank you to the animal for letting them eat it and give healthy food for strong bones. It's mean to kill animals and leave them on the road.

Bet no one else heard this Valentines Day line
Bug said: I hope Cupid brought me a pooping robot

Bug got busted doing something he knows very well not to do, when Mom caught him
Bug said: But it was my imagination that did it

Life according to Bug: while flipping channels and stopping on Jonas Bros movie he watches for a few minutes then says "so this is for girls" Mom asked why he says that and 
Bug said "cause boys think this is junk"

While cooking dinner Bug said "I hope Santa brings me bacon for Christmas"

Bug "I want more bacon"
Mom "We're out"
Bug said "I wish we had our own pigs so we could eat their bellies"

Mom "Bug, eat your cous cous"
Bug said "Hold on I'm having my drink drink"

Mom noticed that all the Santa decorations were facing the wall, asked Bug if he did it and
Bug said "yes, I don't want Santa watching me be naughty"

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